Olives & Love

Dear friends,

A few months ago  I was approached by Mikhaila & Aleksander's parents about collaborating on a joint venture that would educate people on the benefits of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Greece as well as show their kids how to run an effective online business. Right from the start I was on board!!! I saw this as an exciting opportunity to mentor these kids, spread the word about extra virgin olive oil while giving back to the community. 

Ken's Greek Table will be supplying the extra virgin olive oil for these gifts of love and we will also match every donation dollar for dollar. 

Let's all support Mikhaila and Aleksander's new venture and help those that need it most!!!


 Hello! Our names are Mikhaila and Aleksander Tumarkin and we would like you to get to know us.

About Us:

We LOVE Greece and we LOVE olives and olive oil! In 2019 we had a chance to visit Greece, where we climbed the Acropolis and saw other great places such as ancient Olympia. However this past year and a half has been hard. We are both in school and like many other kids, have struggled with remote learning and missed our friends. But that has made us more aware of what we do have, such as our family and great food. We cooked more together and spent a lot more time with each other. We all LOVE food! Like most kids, we love pizza, pasta and other dishes that involve lots of extra virgin olive oil.

Our good family friend, Ken Panagopoulos, introduced us to some of the best extra virgin olive oil we have ever tasted! He grows his olives himself in his very own family groves in Messinia, in Southwestern Greece, close to a little town called Gargaliani, which is very close to the Ionian Sea. From these olives he produces some of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world! The cold pressed extra virgin olive oil we offer was harvested from an exclusively organic batch of the finest hand-picked Koroneiki olives

Our Product: 

This past summer, while most of the world was preoccupied with COVID, we decided that we wanted to do something different. We thought about sharing Ken’s Greek Table special olive oil with family, friends and anyone else who can appreciate such a unique and flavourful delicacy. Its golden-green complexion and uniquely distinctive flavour is derived from the careful care of its master olive oil maker Ken Panagopoulos from Ken's Greek Table. As it is unfiltered which combines both the olive oil AND pulp of the Koroneiki olives. This is what gives it an exquisitely delectable earthy flavour! 

olives & loveWe decided to create 1.6 oz. mini-bottles of Ken's Greek Table  amazing olive oil and sell them as speciality gifts. The cost for one 1.6 oz. bottle is $10 and the cost for two bottles is $18. All bottles come gift wrapped in a beautiful gold pouch, perfect as a gift for every occasion. We promise to donate $1.00 from every bottle sold to charity. Some of the charities we will be supporting include: Juvenile Diabetes, The Food Bank, Youth Without Shelter and Covenant House Toronto.

Thank you for sharing this amazing olive oil with us, and please let others know!

Enjoy & spread the love!!!

How To Purchase:  

Ordering our extra virgin olive oil gifts has never been easier. You can either email us at info@olivesandlove.ca for more info. and local GTA orders or by ordering online from Ken's Greek Table secure shopping cart. Whichever way you pick, you are buying an excellent gift for you or other and supporting a great cause!!!